"Best experience with Dowd and Company..."

Best experience with Dowd and Company for any person aspiring to get permanent residency in USA. Debra Dowd is a very straightforward, down to earth person who will only tell you the correct legal position and she makes no false promises. At all times you know where you stand and what your chances are which in my opinion is the necessary starting point. That said Debra then goes out of the way to help you get the best out of your qualifications and guides you in every way to present yourself in the best way in the application. She squeezes out the positive from every aspect of your qualification and puts it in the application. She is always reachable on mail and phone and ready for as many meetings as you want, each time patiently repeating the legal details to help you understand. Not once has she been impatient or hurried. She relates to us as people not as “clients”. She even volunteered to pray with us in our way, when we went to sign and finalize the packet. I can only say that I am humbled and honored by her gesture. Her staff -Lillie and Jeannie reflect all the same values that I wrote above. They are learning from the best - and they hold out a sure promise to help so many like us in future. Just trust Debra and her team. They act as almighty instruments in getting you to your goal.

– Jitendra J.